Cleaning Up Spills

It’s that time of the year. A time of the year when you enjoy the company of family, friends, and a great meal.
Inevitable some of this food or drinks end up on the carpet. Spills that aren’t treated correctly can permanently stain the carpet.

Here’s how to handle spills on your carpet. Once the spill occurs, take a cotton cloth and pat dry the liquid. Don’t Rub it in! If you don’t have cotton clothe use paper towels. Try and get as much of the moisture out of the carpet. Once the spill is dry and clear of the spill color, pour a little water on the area, but don’t over due it. You don’t want the water to get down to the padding and cause mold and mildew issues.

If the liquid you’ve spilled is highly staining, like coffee or sauce, sprinkle as much salt as is needed to absorb the liquid, and then vacuum it up. Please go our website for more detailed information on removing spot and stains.

Once you’ve followed the steps above and the spots remains give our office a call as soon as possible to set up a cleaning appointment. We’ll come out to make sure your carpets don’t suffer any needless long-term damage.

Mauricio Marroquin

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