Removing Pet Urine and Odor From Carpet

Unlike other odors, urine is more than simply an odor control issue or even a stain and odor issue. There is also a health issue. So there are three issues to be addressed – Stain, odor and decontamination.
The professional carpet cleaner views this as more than cleaning – it is decontamination. It is more than simply spraying some magical formula on the stain. Yet, many pet owners think their problems can be solved that easily.
Consider how much urine may be in their carpet, rug, or upholstery. A small dog or cat weighing five pounds or less will eliminate about 2 ounces of urine each time. If the animal urinates only twice a day, it amounts to well over 11 gallons per year. If the animal concentrates that into a small area or even several small areas, which many of them do, then the problem can be quite extensive.
Now think about the case where the animal is a Great Dane who considers the living room carpet to be his own special sandbox. The contamination gets worse when there are multiple animals in the home.

If the pet urine issue is minor and decontamination is not needed , please refer to our carpet cleaning prescott website for an at home do it yourself treatment. Urine decontamination is a problem that needs to handled by a professional carpet cleaner that has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to evaluate and recommend a plan of action for decontamination.

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