How To Care For Hardwood Floors

Any grating substance such as sand, dirt, or grit, will dull the surface of hardwood floors. By observing a few rules today, your need for full restoration will be far less likely and the floor will look luxurious for many years. Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop, at least every week, and place mats or rugs at the entrance way to trap as much dirt and dust as possible.

* Vacuuming: Avoid beater bars this can cause indentations in the surface of the floor. Use a brush attachment.

* Dust mopping: Use a non-abrasive dust mop with a soft cotton head. Some floor manufacturers suggest using a floor treatment as well.

* Sweeping: The broom used to sweep a hardwood floor will need to have fine bristles, with feathered ends, that will be very gentle on the floor’s surface.

* Furniture: Dragging furniture across the floor will damage it significantly. Lift the furniture at all times when repositioning it in your room. Using felt “shoes” under the legs would help to avoid scratches when furniture is accidentally scooted across floor.

* Sunlight: Over a period, too much sun can discolor wood finishes. Darken the room by closing curtains and blinds during the time of day when the sun is most intense.

* Shoes: Some (sports related) shoes have hard heel supports and metal nails attached to the sole…”stop” and do not enter, they will most surely damage the finish of your wood floor.

Stains will need your immediate attention on wood floors. Keep them waxed as needed and wipe up any drops of fluid that may be spilled on the floor as soon as possible.

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