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Do you want to help children continue to receive nutritional, healthy, meals at school? The Child Nutrition Act is up for re-authorization. If you would like to help please sign the petition.
Healthy Schools Campaign will deliver the petition to the new president of the United States to ensure that the Child Nutrition Act is a priority for the administration. After signing the petition you will be directed to a page were you can sign up to receive a free coupon from Applegate Farms. Please click this Hyperlink to sign the petition. Petition

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Green Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix Before & After Pictures

Take a look at these dramatic before and after pictures of Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott jobs. The spots that were removed ranged from pet stains to coffee stains and everything in between.

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Tile Cleaning Video

Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott also cleans Tile & Grout. We use use SX-12 tile cleaning tool. It’s the state of the art technology for cleaning tile and grout. The tile cleaning wand blasts away the soil and dirt from Tile & Grout using water pressure of 800-1200 PSI.

Our tile cleaning solution is 100% Green. It contains no hydrochloric acid, no phosphoric acid, no oxalic acid, no muriatic acid, and no other harmful acids. It cleans tile & grout better than even the harshest chemicals without the noxious fumes knocking you out. Check out the SX-12 in action on our Green Carpet Cleaning Prescott website.
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Removing Pet Urine and Odor From Carpet

Unlike other odors, urine is more than simply an odor control issue or even a stain and odor issue. There is also a health issue. So there are three issues to be addressed – Stain, odor and decontamination.
The professional carpet cleaner views this as more than cleaning – it is decontamination. It is more than simply spraying some magical formula on the stain. Yet, many pet owners think their problems can be solved that easily.
Consider how much urine may be in their carpet, rug, or upholstery. A small dog or cat weighing five pounds or less will eliminate about 2 ounces of urine each time. If the animal urinates only twice a day, it amounts to well over 11 gallons per year. If the animal concentrates that into a small area or even several small areas, which many of them do, then the problem can be quite extensive.
Now think about the case where the animal is a Great Dane who considers the living room carpet to be his own special sandbox. The contamination gets worse when there are multiple animals in the home.

If the pet urine issue is minor and decontamination is not needed , please refer to our carpet cleaning prescott website for an at home do it yourself treatment. Urine decontamination is a problem that needs to handled by a professional carpet cleaner that has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to evaluate and recommend a plan of action for decontamination.

Green Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix

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Cleaning Up Spills

It’s that time of the year. A time of the year when you enjoy the company of family, friends, and a great meal.
Inevitable some of this food or drinks end up on the carpet. Spills that aren’t treated correctly can permanently stain the carpet.

Here’s how to handle spills on your carpet. Once the spill occurs, take a cotton cloth and pat dry the liquid. Don’t Rub it in! If you don’t have cotton clothe use paper towels. Try and get as much of the moisture out of the carpet. Once the spill is dry and clear of the spill color, pour a little water on the area, but don’t over due it. You don’t want the water to get down to the padding and cause mold and mildew issues.

If the liquid you’ve spilled is highly staining, like coffee or sauce, sprinkle as much salt as is needed to absorb the liquid, and then vacuum it up. Please go our website for more detailed information on removing spot and stains.

Once you’ve followed the steps above and the spots remains give our office a call as soon as possible to set up a cleaning appointment. We’ll come out to make sure your carpets don’t suffer any needless long-term damage.

Mauricio Marroquin

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Sedona, Arizona Leading the Way

The city of Sedona is doing its part in reducing the city’s ecological footprint and launching its “Sustainability Package” Check out the article in Sedona Biz

Sedona becoming a sustainable green model for the world

Sedona, AZ — Sedona Arizona, called a red rock cathedral by America’s first caretakers, is becoming a model for environmental sustainability.

Said Mayor Pud Colquitt of Sedona, “If we who love Sedona truly wish to be stewards of this beautiful land then we must make every effort to plan and strive for a sustainable environmental future not only for the present but for the generations to come.”

Some of the bold measures that cities can promote for a sustainable environment are weeding or using natural herbicides and cleaning products, natural constructions materials, low flow toilets, energy star appliances, solar, eliminating synthetic fragrances (as they have done in Canadian cities), replacing lawns with native plants, and buying hybrids and local organics.

Families can significantly help now and start slowing global warming and disease rates by switching to natural household products, cleaners, and cosmetics, carpooling, biking, and soon buying Sedona Green reusable grocery bags,” said Environmental Scientist Matthew Turner, founder of Green Sedona, who is spearheading this landmark initiative.

Turner will be finalizing this sustainability package, along with community leaders, and with the Mayor and City Council at City Hall at 6pm on June 26th.

Supporters include local celebrities, Tom and Shondra Jepperson, and Olympic Skier, Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, whose Native Voices Foundation is partnering with Stanford University and the National Tribal Environmental Council (200 tribes) to bring their expertise to this project.

What motivated Turner, among other information, was Bill Moyer’s Trade Secrets film on PBS which filmed a Mount Sinai School of Medicine study. Moyer’s body contained a chemical soup of 84 industrial chemicals: 31 types of PCBs, 13 dioxins, and pesticides such as DDT. Our initiative could help turn around the resulting 2 billion Earth citizens suffering and dying from cancer alone, in addition to smog prevention, a major cause of global warming, said this Turner of the Tide.

Already others are excited about becoming a Sister City of Sedona said Turner.

Caesar Moreno Sr., a renowned visionary Senator of Mexico’s Baja California, wants to create a bridge of the best wisdom of the Americas,” said Chaffee. His son Caesar Jr. has the best shot as Tecate, Mexico’s first Green Mayor.

Sedona’s Green Business Plan will include different levels of participation. At the end of each year, the Mayor and Council will host a celebration, featuring many of Sedona’s finest saluting the most green businesses. Each can proudly display window stickers and plaques to let customers know the Who’s Who in championing the healthy future of Sedona and the world.

What a difference we can each make by simply using natural substitutes for business and household products, said Turner. Who knew that cosmetics, cleansers and other household products pump 100 tons of pollutants daily into Southern California air, ranking second to tailpipe emissions. These are more dangerous than smog since they are indoors, according to the California Air Resources Board (

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Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott Before & After Pictures

Take a look at these dramatic before and after pictures of Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott jobs. The spots that were removed ranges from pet stains to coffee stains and everything in between. Just click link below.

Green Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix Before & After Pictures

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SX-12 Video

Here is a video of the SX-12 tile cleaning tool in action. This state of the art tool in conjunction with the non toxic cleaning solution can make even the dirtiest tile clean again.

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How can carpet cleaners make a positive contribution to the health of our planet and their client?

Are you aware that some of the carpet cleaning machines used today are burning large amounts of fuel and emitting carbon monoxide into the air? The number of gallons of fuel used and the amount of carbon monoxide emitted into the air is dependant on the amount of time it takes to clean the carpet and how fuel-efficient the machine is. Some machines emit enough carbon monoxide into the air that some home carbon monoxide detectors have sounded their alarm. Provided the machine is parked in the street the emissions of that machine will not cause harm. It would be similar to a vehicle running idle on the street. Never allow a carpet cleaner with one of these machines to park in your driveway. The emissions may seep into your home.

Conventional carpet cleaning uses large amounts of water to clean your carpet? Some cleaners may use 10 to 60 gallons or more to clean your carpet or tile. What happens to that dirty water? The EPA has specific guidelines for disposal of that polluted water, here’s the link They are supposed to take the water to a dump station. However, some carpet cleaners are in a hurry to get to the next appointment and feel they don’t have the time to go to the dump station and may dump in the street. That water may end up in our streams, rivers, or ground supply. If you see that happening ask to stop or report them to your city officials.

According to the EPA some carpet cleaning solutions could be harmful to your health. The main ingredients in some carpet cleaning solutions can cause dizziness, fatigue, nausea, kidney and liver damage. Some can even be neurotoxic and carcinogenic. As grim as that sounds, it’s far more likely that these chemicals will irritate your allergies than to cause illness. Non the less, it does shed some light on the importance of choosing a healthier alternative to cleaning your carpets.

There are numerous carpet cleaners today that do offer Eco friendly carpet cleaning. The machines they use are electric and don’t emit pollution n the air. Some utilize a low moisture method that uses only a fraction of the water that the conventional carpet cleaners’ use. The carpet cleaning solutions that they use are plant derived, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable. The green carpet cleaning process will leave your carpets clean and dry. To find a cleaner near you click on the following links

Mauricio Marroquin

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