Rug Care

Always place a high quality underlayment underneath your area rugs. Vacuum regularly, being careful to stay away from the fringe with the vacuums beater bar. Over time, the vacuum can “eat” away at the fringe. If something is spilled on your area rug, blot it up immediately. If you have our spotter, follow directions carefully and remove any additional residue. You can always call us for instructions over the phone, or we can send out one of our experts to spot clean your area rug.

Have your area rug professionally cleaned periodically. Rotate it every three to four months for even wear and light exposure. The frequency of cleaning depends on the level of foot traffic and type of soil the area rug receives. Typically, an oriental rug deserves professional cleaning every two to four years. Green Carpet Cleaning can do a masterful job cleaning your specialty area rugs with our safe and thorough rug cleaning methods and we’ll pick them up and deliver at no additional charge

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“Improve Your Home’s Air Quality”

Did you know that the air quality inside of your home is probably worse than the air outside of your home?

That’s right…

We’re all aware of pollution, but many of us are unaware that the air we breathe inside can often make us sick and cause allergic reactions..

So, how can you evaluate the air quality inside of your home?

If the air seems stuffy, if there are bad odors, if there is excessive moisture, or if you notice mold or mildew, chances are you have some issues with air quality.

Luckily, there are simple things you can do to ensure that you and the other occupants in your home breathe easier…. and better.

Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and circulation in your home.

Open the windows and, if necessary, install fans. Many of today’s homes are built airtight, so the key to good indoor air quality is to get air both in and out of the home.

Check for mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew indicate moisture, and can cause allergic reactions and various minor health illnesses.

Start by removing mold and mildew with a bleach solution, and then handle the moisture in the air by installing a dehumidfier. Crack the windows in rooms that are susceptible to excessive moisture, such as bathrooms, and turn on a fan to move air around.

Install air purifiers.

If you just have a problem room or two, there are smaller desktop models that are relatively inexpensive and do a good job. If you suffer from extensive air quality issues in your home, you may want to install a heavy-duty whole-home system.

Get plenty of air after installing new furniture and cabinetry.

New furniture and cabinetry are often treated with chemicals like formaldehyde that emit dangerous gasses. Most of these gasses burn off within a couple of days. During the first few days after installing these items in your home, keep the windows open and fresh air circulating.

Call us to make sure your carpet isn’t harboring any bad or unhealthy substances.

Animal dander, dust mites, and other dirt and debris that affect air quality burrow deep down into your carpet, and cause irritation, illness, and allergies. Let us take care of that for you with a good, thorough cleaning.

Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott

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Reducing Allergies from Pet Dander & Dust Mites

Exposure to dust mite and pet dander are widely accepted to be one of the most important causes of allergic disease for many people. And, continued exposure aggravates allergic illnesses, which can lead to the development of others. Allergies are also risk factors for the development of more serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses like asthma and sinusitis.

To reduce dust mite and pet allergens clean your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and air ducts regularly and apply Dust Mite Allergen after cleaning. treatment.

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Fresh Voices for Fresh Faces

Do you want to help children continue to receive nutritional, healthy, meals at school? The Child Nutrition Act is up for re-authorization. If you would like to help please sign the petition.
Healthy Schools Campaign will deliver the petition to the new president of the United States to ensure that the Child Nutrition Act is a priority for the administration. After signing the petition you will be directed to a page were you can sign up to receive a free coupon from Applegate Farms. Please click this Hyperlink to sign the petition. Petition

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Green Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix Before & After Pictures

Take a look at these dramatic before and after pictures of Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott jobs. The spots that were removed ranged from pet stains to coffee stains and everything in between.

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Tile Cleaning Video

Green Carpet Cleaning of Prescott also cleans Tile & Grout. We use use SX-12 tile cleaning tool. It’s the state of the art technology for cleaning tile and grout. The tile cleaning wand blasts away the soil and dirt from Tile & Grout using water pressure of 800-1200 PSI.

Our tile cleaning solution is 100% Green. It contains no hydrochloric acid, no phosphoric acid, no oxalic acid, no muriatic acid, and no other harmful acids. It cleans tile & grout better than even the harshest chemicals without the noxious fumes knocking you out. Check out the SX-12 in action on our Green Carpet Cleaning Prescott website.
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Removing Pet Urine and Odor From Carpet

Unlike other odors, urine is more than simply an odor control issue or even a stain and odor issue. There is also a health issue. So there are three issues to be addressed – Stain, odor and decontamination.
The professional carpet cleaner views this as more than cleaning – it is decontamination. It is more than simply spraying some magical formula on the stain. Yet, many pet owners think their problems can be solved that easily.
Consider how much urine may be in their carpet, rug, or upholstery. A small dog or cat weighing five pounds or less will eliminate about 2 ounces of urine each time. If the animal urinates only twice a day, it amounts to well over 11 gallons per year. If the animal concentrates that into a small area or even several small areas, which many of them do, then the problem can be quite extensive.
Now think about the case where the animal is a Great Dane who considers the living room carpet to be his own special sandbox. The contamination gets worse when there are multiple animals in the home.

If the pet urine issue is minor and decontamination is not needed , please refer to our carpet cleaning prescott website for an at home do it yourself treatment. Urine decontamination is a problem that needs to handled by a professional carpet cleaner that has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to evaluate and recommend a plan of action for decontamination.

Green Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix

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